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The patented platform frees up clinic leadership’s time and generates revenue for physician groups

PADUCAH, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PreventScripts, a software that enables medical providers to deliver reimbursable digital health services for clinical preventive services, today announced the expansion of its services to providers nationwide amidst the growing need for clinically-embedded prevention and remote patient care.

Twelve providers in four clinics now use the platform to identify and treat metabolic conditions, the precursors to many longer term chronic diseases, by establishing easy and accessible recommendations to improve patient behavior that can be monitored and supported by care teams.

“PreventScripts enables proactive, provider-led interventions that improve overall patient health and boost a care facility’s revenue,” said Brandi Harless, CEO of PreventScripts. “We deliver a complete digitized population health solution for physicians to implement in their practice, so their patients have access to evidence-based tools that lead to better health outcomes.”

There are close to 500,000 active primary care physicians in the United States, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. These physicians face limited revenue streams, burnout, a decline in available staff, and a lack of efficient patient data collection and monitoring tools. The American Medical Association recently surveyed 1,300 physicians, of which 47% are now employing digital health tools for clinical decision support, up from 28% in 2016, and 43% are using these tools to improve patient engagement.

“Prevention and the idea of being able to treat patients before they become sick is the holy grail of medicine,” said Dr. Robert Wilson, MD, a family physician who runs CovenantCare Family Practice. “PreventScripts helps us keep our patients healthy and avoid long-term illnesses, and this will translate over time to reduced healthcare expenditures.”

The PreventScripts platform configures the service line to a provider’s specific clinic workflow, then provides ongoing staff training and support, promotional materials and tools for a successful implementation. Currently, PreventScripts serves four clinics in Tennessee and has assessed over 2,681 patients since its inception. Providers have seen reimbursement from major health insurance carriers and Medicare. The company plans to serve 450 providers by 2025.

PreventScripts’ automated system identifies a clinician’s rising risk patients, their motivation and inclination to engage with the PreventScripts platform. Then, PreventScripts provides clinical decision support for the best patient-specific prevention intervention. If an intervention is recommended, the platform grants physicians three reimbursable intervention care plans to implement with patients: remote patient monitoring, preventive counseling or tobacco cessation education.

Patients receive a “starter kit” in the mail, covered by their insurance, and instructions to download the PreventScripts companion app, which facilitates the shared decision-making the provider and patient will experience. The PreventScripts Dashboard monitors the provider’s use of the platform to support clinic and revenue optimization. Actionable insights are presented back to the team and support is provided to improve revenue and performance.

About PreventScripts

PreventScripts is an end-to-end computer software platform for exchanging communications, evaluations and visit support tools between patients and health care providers. Our prevention management services provide patients valuable information in preventing metabolic conditions. Providers can capture new revenues within 30 days of deployment through our Software as a Service (SaaS) product that utilizes a modular customization of software to fit within any clinical workflow setting.

For more information, visit https://preventscripts.com/ and click here to watch an overview of the platform.


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