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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Posterity Health, the only virtual male fertility center of excellence that offers personalized care, educational resources, and effective treatments to address male fertility, announces regional expansion into Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. With this expansion, we are proud to welcome reproductive urologist, Dr. Tolu Bakare to spearhead the region. Dr. Bakare will be seeing patients throughout her region immediately.

Posterity Health’s mission to bring equity to fertility by providing access to inclusive male fertility care to all couples trying to conceive. The company offers a combination of virtual visits, at-home diagnostics and in-person consults to help assess and improve a male’s fertility status. Services include male fertility assessments, diagnostic workups, vasectomies and vasectomy reversals, surgical sperm extractions and varicocele repairs, as well as recurrent pregnancy loss consults.

We know that experiencing infertility can be isolating and overwhelming,” said Pam Pure, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Posterity Health. “Our goal is to provide access to male fertility care for every couple trying to conceive. This will ensure an accelerated and patient-focused path to pregnancy.” Pure continued, “Posterity Health provides specialized male fertility care in 33 states. We are excited to expand our presence in the Southwest.”

Dr. Tolu Bakare is a well-established male fertility expert in Texas. She earned her medical degree at the Penn State College of Medicine and completed a residency in Urology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Dr. Bakare has advanced training in male infertility, andrology, men’s health, and microsurgery through a fellowship at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago. Before joining Posterity Health, she was practicing at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Bakare shared, “I am elated to join Posterity Health and dedicate my full practice to helping males solve their fertility issues. Male infertility is a men’s health matter that requires attention. Many people do not realize that male infertility can often be treated with the right intervention and support.”

“One in eight couples struggle with infertility and although most people assume it’s the female partner, in 50% of cases there is a male factor involved. Male fertility issues are often undiagnosed and therefore untreated. There are many treatments available to impact a male’s fertility status and these options are typically less expensive and less invasive,” explained Dr. Barrett Cowan, Founder and Chief Medical Officer. “Posterity Health’s Digital Health Platform makes it easy to obtain information and to quickly connect with a reproductive urologist. We work closely with the female partner’s OBGYN or REI so we can help determine the best path to pregnancy for every couple.”

More about Posterity Health

Posterity Health’s protocols are developed in conjunction with its Medical Advisory Board, which consists of the most renowned fertility leaders in the country, including Dr. Peter Schlegel, James J Colt Professor of Urology at Weill Cornell Medicine, Dr. James Smith, the Director of the Male Reproductive Health Center at USCF, and Dr. Stan Honig, the Director of Men’s Health at Yale University.

To learn more about Posterity Health, visit posterityhealth.com.


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