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New mobile app provides behavioral change strategies that benefit employers and individuals

SAN CARLOS, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pivot, a behavioral change digital health company, today announced the launch of Pivot Flex, a powerful digital health solution employers and health plans can offer their employees and members to help them manage everyday stress and build resilience to improve their mental well-being.

A natural evolution of Pivot’s offerings, Pivot Flex is based on the successful behavioral change model established with their flagship solution, Pivot Breathe, for tobacco cessation. Stress is the number one reason people smoke, and the company realized that skills, lessons, and support offered through Pivot Breathe could be applied to a much larger population impacted by the health crisis of stress and burnout.

Pivot Flex is a mobile app and set of tools built on several proven tenets to address everyday stress. The platform provides board-certified health coaches, connection to a supportive community of fellow users, and challenges, tools, and resources, such as the Flex Assessment, to help users track progress, develop strategies and become more resilient to the daily stressors we all face. Pivot Flex also supports employers and health insurers with insights into measurable data and outcomes they can tie into their strategic goals.

“Did you know more than 70% of us are reporting insurmountable stress, leading to burnout and feeling out of control?” said David S. Utley, M.D., Pivot’s founder and CEO. “Having a dedicated coach to advise and guide you, a community around you, so you know where to turn and don’t feel alone, and ample ways to learn, challenge and practice to build new skills – that’s what Pivot Flex offers. We want to support human beings struggling with the challenges of everyday stress.”

Pivot Flex provides each user with a personalized experience supported by their coach. Pivot believes resilience is a skill that’s in each individual with many pathways – no two journeys are alike. Individuals learn the building blocks to strengthen their resilience skills in times of stress and within common everyday experiences through evidence-based lessons and support from certified health coaches. “To be resilient, an individual needs a wide range of useful coping strategies that incorporate both the mind and body,” said Laura Dotson, Pivot’s Director of Coaching and Behavioral Science. “Resilient individuals understand the extent of their control when they have the power to change or influence something and when they should conserve their energy. They also tend to have meaningful connections with others,” she added.

Employers and health insurers benefit too. Resilient individuals are likely to take fewer sick days, experience fewer stress-related healthcare claims, be more productive, and report greater job satisfaction.

For more information on Pivot Flex, visit https://pivot.co/mental-well-being.

About Pivot

Pivot is a behavioral change digital health company focused on helping millions of people live longer, better lives. At the core of Pivot Breathe and Pivot Flex is a powerful behavior change platform offering human coaching, a supportive community and a mobile app experience with tailored behavioral change content, tools and challenges for each unique journey. Pivot Breathe, a best-in-class solution, addresses cessation for all forms of tobacco (combustible, vaporized, and smokeless) and provides the first-of-its-kind FDA-cleared carbon monoxide (CO) breath sensor as well as pharmacotherapy. Pivot Flex supports individuals seeking a healthier relationship with stress, using the core fundamentals of CBT and Pivot’s proprietary Flex Assessment, which provides a way to track and see improvements. Pivot is HIPAA-compliant and has obtained SOC 1 and SOC 2 clearance. For more information, please visit: https://pivot.co/


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