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Particle FOCUS enables simple and secure access to patient data empowering innovators to support value-based care initiatives, rapidly onboard patients, and optimize care transitions

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#HealthITParticle Health, an interoperability platform that aggregates and delivers actionable patient data and insights to healthcare companies, announced it has launched its Particle FOCUS (Filtered Outputs Curated for Usability + Simplicity) solution suite. FOCUS data products are designed to streamline data by delivering comprehensive, simplified, and organized patient health information across seven disease states: Diabetes, Cardiology, Oncology, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Pulmonology, Orthopedics, and Gastroenterology. With FOCUS, patient data is automatically refined into code-based sets of relevant labs (LOINC), diagnoses (ICD-10), procedures (CPT/HCPCS), and medications (RxNORM), and then filtered to the most pertinent disease drivers and indicators, enabling providers to quickly integrate relevant patient health information into their existing workflows and inform treatment plans.

Particle is breaking the mold when it comes to healthcare data standards like FHIR by further processing data that allows clinicians and developers to spend less time developing data pipelines or workflows and more time leveraging data to improve patient outcomes. This is made possible because FOCUS products have the flexibility to integrate into pre-existing workflows, delivering turnkey data and key drivers across seven high-cost medical conditions. By simplifying how the medical data is formatted, Particle is expanding the promise of low-lift interoperability to all clinicians and developers, regardless of where they are as a business.

“Historically, patient medical records have only been valuable to healthcare organizations with the time, knowledge, and resources capable of handling the complexities of C-CDA and FHIR data formats. For complex care providers, navigating high volumes of patient data continues to be challenging, especially when attempting to narrow down the query to pull the relevant information needed for the task at hand,” Troy Bannister, CEO of Particle Health. “Particle FOCUS has created a way for digital health organizations to skip the most expensive steps of achieving value from an interoperability vendor. The full suite of FOCUS solutions provides processed, clinician-developed, code-based, data in an easily digestible format getting actionable data into the hands of clinical teams faster, and in a use case-oriented manner – regardless of the sophistication of the organization’s interoperability capabilities.”

FOCUS products include Particle’s Specialty Search capability, a condition-oriented enhancement to its geography-oriented record locator service (RLS). Particle FOCUS delivers the data that providers need in an easy-to-use format, ensuring that the information is collected from all sources through Specialty Search and refining the data to the condition-specific clinical values. By simplifying the way data is formatted, development teams no longer have to build data processing pipelines or make the uphill climb of building out FHIR infrastructure. In particular, FOCUS is incredibly impactful for organizations practicing value-based care initiatives, those needing to onboard new patients, or identify risk flags, past conditions or gaps in care. With these new capabilities, clinicians working with Particle have the ability to:

  • Onboard and assess patients quickly and affordably
  • Track and improve understanding of patient risk across your population (to better avoid costly ED visits)
  • Find and address gaps in care at the point of care

To learn more about Particle FOCUS, please click here.

About Particle Health

Founded in 2018, Particle Health has built the integrations and APIs that enable a modern, seamless data experience for healthcare companies. We create intuitive experiences for developers, build scalable infrastructure product teams love, drive valuable insights for clinicians, and collaborate with innovative leaders launching data-driven healthcare solutions.

Learn more about Particle at: https://www.particlehealth.com/ or access the press kit at https://go.particlehealth.com/press-kit.



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