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Data demonstrates impact of Precision Care Solution to track MS disease activity at individual patient and population levels, provide quantitative and deeper insights, and potentially guide treatment decisions

Poster supporting prior validation studies and providing results on expansion of the utility of the Octave MSDA test nominated as one of the top five posters at ECTRIMS 2022

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Octave, a leading digital health sciences company that delivers a new standard for managing multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases, today announced the presentation of data from 13 abstracts presented at the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) Conference 2022. The posters and presentations collectively reinforce the company’s Precision Care Solution, adding to the analytical and clinical validation of the novel MS Disease Activity (MSDA) Test, highlighting progress in the development of a first-of-its-kind disease progression biomarker test, and providing new data around the proprietary MRI Insights component of the solution.

“The research findings we are able to share at this year’s ECTRIMS meeting represent a testament to the validity and quality of our Precision Care Solution, and we are grateful to be working with world-class research institutions as we build this continuum of new and supporting data. Specifically, we are pleased to be presenting insights that complement our already-clinically and analytically validated MSDA test, expanding its use cases and expanding the breadth and depth of utilities it can provide throughout the MS disease continuum,” said William Hagstrom, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Octave. “This is also the largest body of data we have presented thus far on our work with the second component of our solution, the MRI Insights program. Data presented at this conference further reinforces the need for creating a new standard of care which can better identify the subtleties and nuances of MS manifestations to impact the quality of care decisions.”

Specific highlights from Octave data shared at ECTRIMS 2022 include an oral presentation, presented by Johanna Oechtering, MD, Senior Neurologist at the University Hospital of Basel:


In addition, Octave presented insights on the company’s multivariate biomarker blood test, the first of its kind and designed specifically for MS, in multiple posters at ECTRIMS 2022. Highlights include:


Data shared at ECTRIMS 2022 by the company around its MRI Insights program that combines the best of a purpose-built imaging technology stack with focused Neuroradiology expertise to deliver a quantitative, deeply personalized MS-specific report to track a patient’s disease over time, includes:

The posters presented by Octave at ECTRIMS 2022 underscore the company’s dedication to the pursuit of expanded clinical insights to address a range of unmet needs associated with MS as it builds the model for the future of management for neurodegenerative diseases. Octave recently announced the commercial launch of its solution, which is now available and in-use at several major MS centers around the United States.

About Octave

Octave was founded to deliver a fully-integrated precision care solution for multiple sclerosis as well as a full range of neurodegenerative diseases. The solution provides neurologists and their patients with quantitative, objective metrics to facilitate informed care and shared decision making to drive better patient outcomes.

Octave’s Precision Care Solution is the first-of-its-kind that accurately and objectively measures, and helps manage, complex and high-cost neurodegenerative diseases, starting with multiple sclerosis. Octave developed the first and only multivariate blood test to measure MS disease activity, enhanced MRI analytics and protocols, and a digital clinical program with Octave MS care partners to provide continuity of care.

Provider: The solution provides neurologists with a longitudinal and holistic perspective of the patient along with comprehensive and actionable insights, enabling more confident and informed care decisions.

Payer: The integrated and multi-dimensional approach allows payers to reduce total cost of care by optimizing healthcare medications and utilization (hospitalizations, ER visits, MRIs, labs).

Pharma: Octave enables pharma to optimize the entire lifecycle of drug discovery & development as well as clinical trials and post marketing with real world evidence.

Through purposeful problem solving and innovative technologies, Octave’s platform generates, analyzes and combines data to create a new paradigm of MS care, leading to improved patient outcomes.


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