Digital Health has evolved beyond the app

LAS CRUCES, N.M., Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The national health technology company Electronic Caregiver proudly announces the official release of Addison, the Virtual Caregiver. Digital health is evolving beyond the app, and the future of health care lies in experiential engagement. Enter Addison, the living avatar for care management, and the next level of human-centered design.

Addison has been a dream of Electronic Caregiver’s founder and CEO Anthony Dohrmann since the company was founded in 2009. Through voice and touch interaction, the 3D-animated Virtual Caregiver helps monitor the health of aging and chronically ill clients of all ages via a Lenovo IdeaCentre All-in-One computer or Yoga convertible tablet in clients’ homes. Addison Care devices can also be implemented in senior living communities and health care organizations, providing health and security services to a large number of people.

Addison is the most transformational and engaging interface for human interaction with technology ever created, Dohrmann said. For years consumers have wondered what Siri and Alexa might look like behind the voice. Addison adds far more than a mere face and body to the voice. Addison provides a dynamic, ever-changing, emotionally stimulating, personalized experience to the user. Addison can educate, demonstrate, inquire, and connect.