Atropos Health, renowned for its evidence-based medicine, is expanding its award-winning Evidence Platform to redefine life sciences applications. The company has added Dr. Sean Khozin, MD, MPH and Gerry McDougall to its Life Sciences Advisory Board, strengthening its growth in the field.

Atropos Health aims to provide real-world evidence for clinical decisions and research, with its innovative solutions enhancing analytics, data evaluation, and AI innovation, supported by a newly appointed Life Sciences Advisory Board.

Revolutionizing Evidence Production in Life Sciences

Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and Co-Founder of Atropos Health, highlighted the importance of evidence production in the life sciences business. He focuses on the Atropos Evidence Platform and Atropos Evidence Network, which enable researchers to rapidly generate evidence from various data sources without extensive infrastructure hurdles.

Life science professionals can access a specialized “Green Button” that combines Evidence Platform technologies with clinical informatics support, generating evidence in 48 hours within a secure private library.

This breakthrough enables life science companies to harness the full potential of their real-world data assets. This tool is useful for hypothesis testing, protocol feasibility, cohort analysis, therapeutic pathways, patient journeys, assessing unmet needs, label extension, and regulatory activities.

Data Accessibility and Scoring Solutions

Atropos Health offers a secure method for producing evidence from customers’ cloud-based data platforms or external data through the Atropos Evidence™ Network.

This allows for secure access and study capabilities, with Real World Fitness Scores (RWFS™) indicating dataset suitability.
It also helps life sciences companies improve data strategy, feasibility, activation, and ROI. Also enabling quick identification of “fit-for-purpose” data for faster analyses and clinical validation.

A visionary approach to Precision Medicine

Dr. Sean Khozin MD emphasizes Atropos Health’s use of real-world patient experience to optimize clinical benefit and safety-efficacy targets for new therapies in shorter, optimized studies, highlighting the importance of swift and accurate development of precision medicines to address unmet patient needs.

A Commitment to the Future of Evidence-Based Medicine

Following agreements with Datavant and AWS, Atropos Health advances into life sciences, concentrating on evidence-based medicine, customized clinical decision-making, and research inquiry.

Gerry McDougall, Atropos Health Life Science Advisor, expressed enthusiasm for their Platform, stating that it efficiently uses real-world evidence applications, powers early-stage to post-market studies, and provides tools for a connected learning health system.

Atropos Health’s life sciences expansion is a significant step in evidence-based medicine, accelerating the development of life-saving therapies and transforming healthcare research, paving the way for a promising future.