Visage has unveiled Visage Ease VP, software tailored for Apple’s newly launched spatial computing platform, Apple Vision Pro. Designed to unleash the full potential of Apple Vision Pro, Visage Ease VP enables an immersive experience for diagnostic imaging and multimedia.

Through intuitive eye, hand, and voice navigation, Visage Ease VP allows an exclusive imaging experience. The platform introduces Visage’s cinematic rendering engine, delivering astonishing volume-rendered images within immersive environments. With Visage Ease VP, users can access diagnostic imaging regardless of location, with virtual screens offering resolutions beyond 4K and freedom from lighting constraints.

UC San Diego Health is the first health system to pilot the technology, and this underscores the potential of immersive visual experiences in elevating patient care.

The visualization of three-dimensional medical imaging in immersive space creates exciting opportunities to improve patient care. Technology that allows for sophisticated eye motion and gesture controls for reviewing 2D and 3D medical imaging could potentially help in efficient tumor board reviews and create collaborative spaces in healthcare.” said Dr. Paul Murphy, associate clinical professor at the UC San Diego School of Medicine and radiologist at UC San Diego Health.

Visage Ease VP is designed to promote collaborative healthcare environments and accelerate tumor board reviews using the integration of advanced eye motion and gesture controls. Visage Ease VP is a component of Visage’s enterprise imaging application suite, and it integrates with EHR systems. Visage Ease VP (visionOS) joins the Visage Ease family of native apps designed specifically for the Apple ecosystem, alongside Visage Ease (iOS/iPadOS) and Visage Ease Pro™ (iPadOS). Additionally, Visage offers the Visage 7 smart-client application for macOS, providing native, ultrafast, clinically rich, highly interoperable access to enterprise imaging.

The launch of Visage Ease VP marks a new era in spatial imaging and workflow possibilities.

Visage’s suite of enterprise imaging applications tailored for the Apple ecosystem is trusted by many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated healthcare organizations, seamlessly integrated with the most widely used EHR systems”, declared Malte Westerhoff, PhD, Visage co-founder and global chief technology officer.