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Audere Africa brings together the best of AI /ML research with a deep understanding of the African health context.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AIforgood–Audere, a global digital health non-profit developing HealthPulse™ solutions to advance health equity in underserved communities worldwide, celebrates the announcement of the formation of Audere Africa, a non-profit subsidiary headquartered and led out of Johannesburg, South Africa. Audere Africa was formed to advance digital health development, bringing together the best of artificial intelligence and machine learning research with deep expertise in the health challenges and needs of Africa.

Audere Africa’s diverse team of board of directors has representation from Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa and is comprised of:

  • Dr. Dino Rech: Founder and CEO of Audere Africa. Born and raised in South Africa, Dino has dedicated his career to the advancement of global health through research and innovation.
  • Dr. Doris Macharia: A Kenyan citizen, Doris has more than 25 years of experience in global health development and has managed country-specific and regional programming for HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, COVID-19, and family planning among other key areas of focus.
  • Vari Audrey Mureriwa: A Zimbabwean citizen, Vari is a managing director for Accenture Africa and is focused on the technology-led transformation of healthcare and public service across South Africa.
  • Shyam Pather: A South African citizen, Shyam previously led the Audere engineering team, shaping the technical strategy of the organization. He has over 20 years experience leading teams building AI and AR powered software solutions at Meta, Oculus, and Microsoft.

“Building advanced technology capabilities is essential, not just in addressing the massive ongoing healthcare needs in resource constrained settings, but also in being prepared for the inevitable pandemics of the future, emergent climate change health threats, and other unexpected health system challenges. Audere Africa’s leadership team are experts in the African health context and how technology can be applied to increase health equity and meet those challenges head on.”

Dino Rech, CEO and Founder, Audere Africa

Audere’s HealthPulse solutions are currently leveraged in eight countries in Africa to support a growing set of conditions, including malaria, HIV, and COVID-19. Audere Africa will expand that footprint and will aid in the development and implementation of HealthPulse across the African continent. HealthPulse couples advanced machine learning and computer vision with accessible digital use guides to support novel diagnostic and treatment solutions, while automatically digitizing data for surveillance, program reporting, and workflow automation. HealthPulse supports several use cases, including disease surveillance and pandemic preparedness, expanding access to care through self-care solutions, cost effective scaling of incentive programs, and empowering health workers with effective training and job aids. The solution is available via a mobile app or through an integration toolkit for use by third party solution providers.

About Audere

Audere is a global digital health nonprofit developing HealthPulse™ solutions to advance health equity in underserved communities worldwide. We operate at the unique intersection of global health and high tech, creating advanced, accessible software that revolutionizes the detection and treatment of diseases — such as malaria, COVID-19, and HIV. Our diverse team of passionate, innovative minds combines smartphone technology, artificial intelligence, and the best of cloud-based services to deliver HealthPulse™ solutions worldwide. Development of our projects is funded by grants and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, and other global health partners. Learn more at auderenow.org.



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