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BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ianacare, the market leader in family caregiver benefits, is now forming the “I Am Not Alone Care Alliance” to create a full infrastructure of support across all sectors. They have galvanized key leaders and influencers from Fortune 500 companies, digital health, public sectors, and HR & benefits communities to lead the conversation and shape the future of caregiving resources. Designed for action and launched during National Family Caregivers Month, the I Am Not Alone Care Alliance will change the way public and private sectors work together to amplify the voice of millions of family caregivers and to fill the gaps – so no caregiver does this alone.

“As the caregiving crisis looms, it has become clear that no one resource, sector, or platform alone will be able to solve the complex issues family caregivers are faced with. The I Am Not Alone Care Alliance is a critical step to establishing the level of infrastructure needed. We have brought together a highly curated set of founding members to shape the perspectives, resources, and actionable next steps needed to lead this next wave of caregiving support and awareness at such a critical moment in history,” says Jessica Kim, CEO and cofounder of ianacare.

Founding members include:

  • Private Sector

    • Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo and author of My Life in Full
    • David Novak, former CEO of Yum! Brands and author & leadership expert
    • Rajiv Kumar, M.D., former President & CMO of Virgin Pulse and digital health entrepreneur
  • Culture Changers

    • Ai-jen Poo, Director & cofounder of Caring Across Generations and national policy advocate
    • Paula Faris, Founder of CARRY Media and former coanchor of Good Morning America and the View
  • HR Leaders

    • Donna Gibson, Staff VP of Benefits at Elevance Health
    • Lindsey Lanzisero, VP of Total Rewards and HR Systems & Operations at H&R Block
    • Melissa Holthaus, Director of Benefits at H&R Block

As the dust settles from the pandemic and the baby boomer generation begins to age at a rapid rate, the US is experiencing huge growth in the number of adults caring for a loved one. These caregivers will require new and innovative ways to integrate work, life, and care for their loved ones.

“To truly build the infrastructure of support needed, we need to pull together resources from every corner of society. This integrated approach is embedded in how we built our solution – pulling community resources, employee benefits, peer support, and trusted information into one, accessible system,” says Steven Lee, ianacare’s COO and cofounder.

ianacare’s platform is rooted in bringing together every layer of support a caregiver will need at some point in their journey – from local and community resources to employee benefits, expert content, and personal friends and family. Founding members of the I Am Not Alone Care Alliance will serve as liaisons and influencers in ensuring every layer provides new, accessible, and innovative resources uniquely designed for family caregivers.

As caregiver support continues to grow as the next big innovation in employee benefits, the I Am Not Alone Care Alliance will shape conversations throughout 2023, supporting and educating employers, leaders, and consultants as they evaluate caregiver support for their unique clients and workforces.

ianacare partners with employers and institutions of all sizes to incorporate caregiver support into their benefits offering. Learn more at https://ianacare.com/alliance/.

Executive Quotes from I Am Not Alone Care Alliance Members

“Care is such an enormous challenge and part of our society and our lives, it’s an all-hands-on-deck situation. We need leaders across sectors working together to solve for this incredible challenge and opportunity of how we care for families in this country, across the lifespan.” – Ai-jen Poo

“I think this issue – how we will handle care broadly, could well be the issue of our time, but it’s not being looked at that way at all. This is not a care issue alone, this is a fundamental, societal, basic infrastructure issue.” – Indra Nooyi

“The time for caregiver support was yesterday. If we aren’t focused on empowering caregivers and supporting them, we are going to see worse health outcomes. Caregivers have so much power and influence over the health of their family, and in turn a direct impact on the cost of care.” – Rajiv Kumar, M.D.

“The societal safety net does not exist today. I’m participating in this Alliance because we want to elevate the conversation nationally. There needs to be consistency, we need the right governmental policies, and regulations that support caregiving in an appropriate way…And it can’t just be on employers, it can’t just be on family members, it can’t just be on government. We all have to work together to fix this issue and to help people not have such a burden of caregiving.” – Lindsey Lanzisero

About ianacare

ianacare is on a mission to encourage, empower, and equip working family caregivers with resources & communities, so no one has to do it alone. ianacare is the front door to navigating all the care in the home across all stages of caregiving, connecting every layer of practical and emotional support in an easy-to-use experience for working family caregivers. The mobile-first platform leverages powerful technology that allows caregivers to create a team to organize & mobilize friends and family, access expert content, connect to local and community resources, and unlock personally curated employee benefits. This technology is paired with unlimited access to a highly specialized Caregiver Navigator trained to guide caregivers through their unique needs and challenges. In a study conducted by Healthcore and published in JMIR (Journal of Medical Internet Research), employees with access to ianacare’s platform reported an 83% increase in productivity and 30% decrease in stress and burden, while 96% reported feeling supported by their employer. Learn more at ianacare.com.


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