Google Cloud has announced the launch of enhanced AI-powered tools aimed at advancing life sciences. These tools include the Target and Lead Identification Suite, an AI tool for life science researchers to better identify the function of amino acids and predict the structure of proteins, and the Multiomics Suite for discovering and interpreting genomic data and designing personalized genomic treatments.

Major healthcare organizations such as Pfizer and Australia’s national science agency CSIRO already adopt the Target and Lead Identification Suite.

The company is also exploring generative AI to augment existing tools and build entirely revolutionary ways to advance the life sciences sector.

Google’s recent announcement of Med-PaLM 2, an LM fine-tuned for the medical domain, is expected to help advance life sciences by accurately and safely answering medical questions.

Google is committed to delivering cutting-edge tools for better understanding and treatments in life sciences. In addition, it ensures the proper protections for organizations, their users, and society. The company’s AI Principles, established in 2017, guide its approach to building advanced technologies, conducting research, and drafting product development policies.