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NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#healthcareITfirsthand, a value-based healthcare company focused on individuals struggling with serious mental illness (SMI), has selected Ursa Studio, the analytics development platform from Ursa Health, to support its mission of changing the way this historically underserved, stigmatized, and deprioritized population engages with the healthcare ecosystem.

firsthand establishes trusting relationships with individuals facing complex presentations of SMI through a combination of high-touch field-based services, partnerships with leading community-based service providers, and a whole-person outlook on care. This approach meets individuals where they are and helps them navigate toward evidence-based care pathways and high-quality resources.

“We’ve gotten straight to some very practical, essential work with Ursa Health,” explained Dhruv Vasishtha, Senior Vice President of Product at firsthand. “Ursa Health’s ability to facilitate the intake and transformation of data from various sources and their out-of-the-box analytics for value-based care have freed up our data and engineering teams to focus on building strategic assets such as point-of-care decision support and risk stratification for our unique population. This has accelerated our work to help individuals with SMI achieve better care outcomes, greater stability and independence, and enhanced well-being and quality of life. Ursa Health has provided firsthand with the foundation upon which we can build a sophisticated analytics stack to guide our value-based offerings, both now and in the future.”

firsthand began using Ursa Studio as a claims data enrichment engine, quickly recognizing the value of the Ursa Health Core Data Model in laying the groundwork for accelerating analytics work on all types of healthcare data. firsthand also licensed the Ursa Health Population Health Foundations Module, which includes performance measures related to utilization and financial performance, as well as data marts with key patient features and risk factors, such as socioeconomic deprivation, chronic disease burden, primary care provider attribution, and plan membership status.

“Organizations working to change healthcare’s status quo understand the importance of their data and the need to extract as much clinical and business value as possible, as quickly as possible,” said Robin Clarke, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of Ursa Health. “Ursa Studio fast-forwards the process of developing a high-performing, unified analytics infrastructure that reduces inefficiencies and opportunities for error, confusion, and compromised trust. With a solid foundation for decision making, companies like firsthand, with novel value-based care solutions, can turn their attention to the development and delivery of their product.”

Ursa Health works with organizations that depend on healthcare data to guide clinical, financial, and operational decisions, uniting the producers and the users of analytics in the pursuit of innovation. Ursa Studio, the company’s no-code analytics development platform, spans the full breadth of healthcare data work in one no-code platform, including raw data ingestion and integration, data modeling, analytics development, and business intelligence. Organizations can use Ursa Studio in its entirety, avoiding the need to manage an array of point solutions, or use the components of the platform that fill gaps in their existing infrastructure to optimize existing investments. Either way, the platform helps teams replace non-strategic modeling, management, and validation activities with high-value analytics development initiatives that can guide clinical, operational, and financial areas of the business.

To learn more about how Ursa Studio helps organizations quickly unlock the value in their data, watch the video here.

About Ursa Health

Ursa Health is transforming analytics so innovators can transform healthcare. Our analytics development platform, Ursa Studio, combines no-code technology with healthcare-specific content, enabling providers, digital health companies, health plans, and others to take a Buy Your Build™ approach to their analytics infrastructure. With the structured adaptability of Ursa Studio, organizations can make full use of their rich data resources to accelerate growth. To learn more, visit www.ursahealth.com.

About firsthand

firsthand is changing the way individuals struggling with serious mental illness (SMI) engage with the healthcare ecosystem, focusing on delivering real outcomes for a population that has historically been underserved, stigmatized, and deprioritized. By building a service focused on whole-person care, firsthand aims to establish a trusting relationship with and support quality care for individuals facing complex presentations of SMI. Deploying a field-based model in partnership with leading community-based service providers, firsthand meets individuals where they are and navigates them towards evidence-based care pathways and high-quality social resources. To learn more, visit www.firsthandcares.com.


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