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Company shares findings from pilot with VHA Innovation Ecosystem at ACC.23/WCC

SAN MATEO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This week, Evidation will present alongside collaborators from the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHAIE) at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session Together with World Congress of Cardiology in New Orleans.

In a real-world study, Use of a Virtual Patient Cohort as a Decentralized Approach for Rapid Enrollment into a National Heart Health Initiative: A Real-World Feasibility Study, the co-authors describe how Evidation’s digital health measurement and engagement platform rapidly recruited Veterans to participate in Heart Health on Evidation. Heart Health is a cardiovascular educational and self-care program designed by Evidation and the American College of Cardiology. Over 800 Veterans enrolled in Heart Health on Evidation in just 38 days.

“Evidation’s digital health measurement and engagement platform is a powerful tool for connecting with Veterans in the context of the broader VA Health Care system. Characterizing Veterans’ experiences and activating them into initiatives like Heart Health can reshape our understanding of Veterans’ health while expanding access to high-impact programs,” said Arash Harzand, MD, MBA, Senior Innovation Fellow at Veterans Affairs and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Emory School of Medicine.

In addition to enrolling more than 800 Veterans in the Heart Health program, Evidation engaged over 6,000 members who are also Veterans in a health survey conducted over an 8-week period. Participants shared key information on their military service, use of VA services, access and barriers to healthcare, and use of connected devices. The survey – which included 45% women and 0.5% nonbinary individuals – was delivered to new and existing Evidation Veteran members, and found that:

  • Roughly 54% of participants rely on VA healthcare, consistent with other national surveys.
  • The most cited reasons for delaying engagement with VA services were lack of childcare for women Veterans and adult caregiver duties for Veterans of communities of color.
  • 89% own a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Most use apps to track activities, nutrition, and heart rate.
  • The majority of participants also indicated that, in general, they were comfortable sharing their personal health data for the purposes of research.

The co-authored abstract, including select survey results, will be presented during a poster session at ACC.23/WCC by Arash Harzand, MD, MBA on Sunday, March 5th from 12:30-1:30 PM in Poster Hall F, Board Number #033. Study authors include Dr. Harzand, of Veterans Affairs, Elisabeth Kipping, MPH, of Evidation, Allison Dorey, MBA, formerly of Evidation, Bray Patrick-Lake, formerly of Evidation, Ernesto Ramirez, PhD, of Evidation,, and Janet K. Han, MD, of Veterans Affairs.

About Evidation

Evidation creates new ways to measure and improve health in everyday life—making proactive, personalized, and truly human-centered healthcare possible. By connecting directly with millions of individuals, Evidation harnesses real-world data to deeply understand health experiences, rapidly and at scale. Evidation’s privacy-centric digital health measurement and engagement platform uses data science and machine learning to translate these everyday insights into high-impact health guidance, treatments, and tools. Founded in 2012, Evidation is headquartered in California with employees working around the globe.


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