di , 23/01/2024

A recent Ipsos survey conducted by Danone found that more than 80 percent of cancer patients in Europe consider nutrition a crucial part of medical care, and at least 60 percent report having nutrition-related problems.

The survey reports that access to nutritional information during treatment varies and is often times not equitable. In fact, one in four patients say they did not receive help or advice in this area, while many conduct their own research on nutrition.

These elements consistently interfere with treatment plans and affect the overall quality of life, recovery and outcomes of cancer patients, according to the findings. This highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive solution that also addresses nutrition in cancer treatment and recovery.

A partnership between digital health and nutrition

In this context, international food and beverage company Danone has partnered strategically with Resilience, a digital health company specializing in oncology, to fill this gap through the development of an integrated solution between oncology and nutrition.

The collaboration involves a fusion of Danone’s expertise in nutrition with Resilience’s existing digital solution, providing healthcare professionals with modules on nutrition and evidence-based screening tools. In addition, Resilience’s remote monitoring medical device is now recognized by health authorities. It includes an application that assists patients in monitoring and managing their nutritional status through personalized content, direct testimonials from experts, and a series of interactive podcasts. These resources, designed to improve malnutrition-related issues, enable health care providers to identify patients’ vulnerabilities at an early stage and provide tailored nutrition care.

The future of the project

Although the partnership has already made significant progress in developing a comprehensive solution for cancer-related malnutrition, Danone and Resilience plan to expand the proposed solutions.

The project plans initiative to reach more users and geographic areas in early as the next few months. By leveraging Danone’s expertise in nutrition and Resilience’s solution for remote patient care, this partnership will soon offer the possibility of better outcomes for all those affected by cancer.

Katrien van Laere, Senior VP R&I and Medical Nutritional Science for Danone comments on the partnership:

We are proud to partner with Resilience and share all we have learnt over the years about the role of nutrition in cancer. With partnerships like these we hope to contribute to patient wellbeing and better outcomes for everyone impacted by cancer every day. We are excited Resilience is expanding its digital oncology solutions with evidence-based nutrition modules and screening tools.