di , 07/05/2020

More and more conferences are going virtual because of the COVID-19 spread

We have reached out to Francis Namouk, SWM Agency CEO, to discuss the filming industry at the time of the coronavirus.

Francis Namouk

Francis Namouk CEO at SWM Agency

Francis is a digital content strategist and entrepreneur. He has a passion for creative storytelling, interactive experiences, and ultimately customer engagement. He has over 15 years of professional experience in digital comms within the medical and consumer health sectors. Francis holds an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, in NYC.

Ciao Francis, can you tell us what is changing onto the filming industry in this time of emergency?
F: Medical conferences are going virtual, which, in a way, is a positive change for the audience. They keep the same customer-centric appeal, which is what audiences love about Amazon, Netflix… the ability to access content or services on their own terms. There’s space for the Media Agency like us to help corporate companies and associations build the best virtual experience for their delegates. Companies need to embrace the advantages that digital formats offers and adapt their content accordingly.
What are your suggestions for a live event going virtual?
F: Pre-record your videos, keeping them short and succinct to retain the audience’s attention. But don’t do it yourself. You need professionals to design the virtual user journey, to select the platform to use and to manage contextual interactive offerings such as polls, breakout rooms, and Q&As. You have to offer a qualitative and quantitative experience, that has to be as memorable as the in-person experience. I believe that conferences won’t ever be the same. No, I am not saying: all conferences will go 100% virtual. I envision a hybrid model that will leverage best of both worlds. Thank you, Francis.

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