An interview with Roberto Ascione, CEO & Founder of Healthware Group

It is fair to say that, in Italy, we are experiencing 10 years of digital health evolution in 10 days.

This is what Roberto Ascione, global digital health leader, says in a recent video-interview by Jessica DaMassa, international video blogger specialized in health tech.

In the interview, Roberto Ascione gave an overview of how Italy is facing the Coronavirus emergency also thanks to the strategic adoption of digital solutions, developed by the startups of the ecosystem of innovation to minimize the contagion and for the remote management of patients.

In particular, he describes as best practice Paginemediche that has created a chatbot to verify suspicious symptoms with over 86 thousand active sessions, thus is generating a pool of data of extraordinary usefulness, shared with both the Italian Government and the World Health Organization.

Paginemediche has also launched a video visit service available free of charge to all Italian doctors. Two weeks after the launch of the video consultation service, over 1500 doctors were registered and over 1200 COVID-19 positive patients have been managed.

In addition, it has expanded the platform with the active monitoring service for non-hospitalized Covid-19 patients, which allows patients to track their clinical parameters and share them in real time with doctors.

Paginemediche’s work is an example of how the Italian innovation ecosystem is responding promptly to provide timely solutions to manage the Coronavirus emergency, supporting doctors’ practice in patient care.