HealthTech prominently featured in Comatose, a globe-trotting fiction novel crafted on lucid dreams from Tony Estrella and published by Cranthorpe Millner

Innovations in artificial intelligence, smart devices, holograms, and robotics are on display throughout this title

ComatoseTony Estrella – a Singapore-based healthcare expert, immersive world traveller, and lucid dreamer – has written Comatose, a thrilling speculative fiction novel that will change the reader’s perception of why we dream.

From a reimagining of ‘the hospital of the future’ including new patient support mechanisms to character influences from the classic opera La Traviata, the novel is attracting interest from healthcare industry professionals, lucid dreamers, world travellers, and opera lovers alike.

I never expected to take my epic and intergalactic lucid dreams and turn them into an instrument for communicating my views of the future of healthcare through fiction writing. said Estrella.

His debut novel achieved pre-sales from 18 countries during its campaign on Publishizer – a leading crowdfunding platform matching authors with publishers – and is published by Cranthorpe Millner in the UK.

Comatose follows the lives of four strangers who are trying to cheat death. On the surface, these people – a famous Hollywood director suffering from terminal brain cancer, a budding scientist in Artificial Intelligence whose honeymoon abruptly ended with a freak plane accident, an angry orphan who lost her closest family to a tragic motorcycle accident, and the leading medical expert in treating comatose patients – appear to have nothing in common.

However, once they independently discover a link between lucid dreaming and comas, their lives unexpectedly intersect. Their connection careens them forward into a life-threatening race for survival and supremacy against each other, resulting in an odyssey that ultimately explains why we dream.

Comatose is now available in UK bookstores and online including Waterstones and Foyles, and globally on Amazon. Additional locations in the UK are being added regularly, and sign up on Tony’s website at for information on new country launch plans.

In addition to this first novel, Tony continues to weave his lucid dreams with his life experiences to create additional Health Tech fiction stories.