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New opportunity for clinicians to deliver personalized digital health solutions and remote care programs without complexity within the EMR

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HLTH 2022 booth #3458–Coeus h3c, initially funded by Best Buy, has joined with Xealth, a leader in enabling digital health at scale, to bring its technology platform into the EHR workflow. Together, Xealth’s digital health platform and Coeus h3c’s Home Health Hybrid Cloud (h3c) will allow clinicians to seamlessly order, deliver and monitor personalized remote care programs from an electronic health record (EHR). The integration enables them to order, track, analyze and evaluate patient health confidently while using existing, familiar workflows enhanced by data that flows from the remote care program to the EHR reliably and efficiently. Solving the complexities of delivering health solutions in the home, the integrated workflow makes it easier for clinicians to provide more people with the opportunity to heal at home safely.

Xealth’s digital health platform centralizes remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions within the EHR, but often the logistics in fulfilling the order are complicated. Services to support complex delivery supply chains, device maintenance, enabling technology and end-user support are fragmented. The combined Coeus h3c and Xealth platform eliminates this complexity by seamlessly managing the ordering, procurement, provisioning, delivery, installation, monitoring and maintenance required for a successful home health experience. Clinicians benefit from the opportunity to order a best-of-breed solution that matches a patient’s specific care needs through the EHR while the h3c platform handles “the mess in the middle.” For RPM solution providers, h3c enables ease, convenience and engagement at every technical step of the patient’s journey. Seamless patient participation with their remote care solution is the #1 driver of engagement and outcomes.

“We’re focused on solving healthcare fragmentation by centralizing all digital tools in the EHR for easy management and oversight so providers can spend their time on patient care, not searching for and validating digital solutions,” said Mike McSherry, CEO of Xealth. “I’m impressed with the approach Coeus h3c is taking with a best-in-class way to solve fragmentation on the fulfillment side of device delivery and setup. Coeus h3c manages this seamlessly and at scale, carrying patient orders through the final mile. Our partnership will ensure that the clinician experience is easy and that patients get solutions that work for them and allow them to achieve the full benefits of healing at home.”

Coeus h3c and Xealth’s partnership delivers new opportunities to:

  • Order and deliver home health solutions using a single, unified platform.
  • Enjoy ultimate flexibility to create customized solutions that meet a patient’s specific needs with qualified, best-in-class digital tools, health services and Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated devices.
  • Improve patient adherence and engagement by offering a successful home health experience that eliminates the technology, logistics, installation and go-live pain points that have limited patient success in the past.
  • Benefit from the assurance that the components of the solution are secure and FDA-cleared for the measures in question.
  • Assure data security and patient privacy.
  • Scale to the largest group of patients possible.

“At the heart of our ambition is building a scalable infrastructure for delivering healthcare at home,” said Oran Muduroglu, CEO of Coeus h3c. “By fixing ‘the mess in the middle’ that’s responsible for keeping patients from being successful with today’s home health solutions, we’re accelerating a new era of healthcare that’s defined by the patient where they want to be, in their home. We’re dedicated to supporting RPM solution providers to deliver remote care as seamlessly as in-clinic care.

Fixing the mess in the middle: about h3c

The Home Health Hybrid Cloud–or h3c–is reinventing the remote patient monitoring (RPM) experience for patients, people and solutions providers by keeping the enabling technology in the background—where it belongs. The cloud-based IT and logistics platform eliminates the technology and logistics friction associated with monitoring patients at home, addressing enduring pain points that have limited end-user success. By seamlessly managing the procurement, provisioning, delivery, installation and maintenance required for a successful home-monitoring experience, h3c enables improved patient engagement, adherence and caregiver satisfaction. It’s secure and scalable, allowing a broad range of populations —from post-surgical patients to older adults living independently—to experience the significant quality of life gains and dramatic healthcare savings of staying at home.

About Xealth

Xealth scales digital health programs, enabling clinicians to integrate, prescribe and monitor digital health tools for patients to drive engagement and utilization. Through the secure Xealth platform, clinicians can find and order the right digital health tools and programs for patients directly from the EHR workflow, send these digital health orders to the patient’s email or patient portal, and then monitor activity. Xealth spun out of Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) in 2017, and investors include Advocate Aurora Enterprises, Atrium Health, Cleveland Clinic, MemorialCare Innovation Fund, Cerner, McKesson Ventures, Novartis, Philips, and ResMed as well as Providence Ventures, Stanford, Trinity and UPMC. For more information, visit www.xealth.com or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About COEUS h3c

Coeus h3c believes healthcare is a human right. Its flagship product, the Home Health Hybrid Cloud (H3C) makes remote patient monitoring (RPM) easy and successful, allowing more people to heal and live safely at home. Designed for RPM vendors, h3c fixes “the mess in the middle” by automating the technology and logistics tangle that has limited the success of today’s home-monitoring solutions. Coeus h3c’s seamless, secure, highly scalable solution allow RPM vendors to delight end-users with an easy-to-use, personalized solution. Improved patient engagement along with caregiver satisfaction follow, allowing RPM vendors to deliver on the long-awaited vision for patient monitoring, helping more people experience the benefits of healing and living at home. Coeus h3c is led by accomplished leaders in healthcare IT and received an initial investment from Best Buy. For more information, visit www.coeus.health.


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