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PLEASANTON, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AICharmHealth, a leading cloud-based health IT platform for healthcare establishments and health verticals, today announced the integration of large language model AI/GPT within medical provider and staff workflows to bring the power of cutting-edge natural language processing to the fingertips of busy providers and medical staff. Increasing productivity and automating tedious tasks has always been the goal of the CharmHealth platform. Now, with the availability of GPT-3 through an API framework, a state-of-the-art conversational AI model is available to CharmHealth users to enhance global clinical efficiency.

Enhancing efficiencies in the clinic’s workflow directly impacts the quality of patient care and provider job satisfaction. CharmHealth integrates search and summarize features, including auto-generating chart note components, note summaries, referral letters, lab result queries, and other features. Clinical virtual assistant features such as auto-suggestion of diagnosis codes and treatment plans are also being rolled out.

“Physicians throughout the nation suffer unprecedented levels of burnout, heightened by the pandemic. CharmHealth’s GPT integration is aimed at alleviating tedious tasks, increasing accuracies and efficiencies using advanced technological solutions, and restoring the joy of practicing medicine and helping people,” said Pramila Srinivasan, Ph.D., CEO of CharmHealth. “This launch reiterates our commitment to bringing innovation to the point of care and improving patient outcomes.”

The seamless integration of GPT in CharmHealth EHRs will empower physicians to focus on what they do best: providing patients with the best care. By enhancing the adoption of conversational AI in healthcare, this integration can potentially improve patient outcomes while reducing costs.

In addition to tools for healthcare providers, CharmHealth also brings efficiency and accuracy into coding and revenue cycle management by integrating GPT prompts into the provider and biller workflows. Auto-suggestion of CPT codes and search capabilities within chart notes are designed to mitigate the complexity and tedium of manual coding and billing.

CharmHealth plans further enhancements in the use of AI in the areas of navigation, patient queries, appointments, a robust auto-suggesting virtual assistant, transcription, translation to multiple languages, high-risk patient identification, and prediction of clinical course.

MedicalMine Inc. is committed to judiciously utilizing the potential of AI in its CharmHealth suite of products.

About CharmHealth

CharmHealth.com is a cloud-first platform created by California-based MedicalMine Inc., a leading health-IT platform for healthcare establishments and verticals. CharmHealth’s mission is to bring innovation to the point of care, thus enabling quality healthcare for all. CharmHealth includes electronic health records, practice management, a patient portal for patient engagement, revenue cycle management, telehealth solutions, and an instant messaging solution for providers, all with complementary mobile solutions. For more information on CharmHealth, visit www.charmhealth.com. To get breaking news, follow the company on Twitter @charmhealth and Facebook at www.facebook.com/charmhealth.

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