di , 26/06/2023

Caraway, a women’s mental, physical, and reproductive health startup specializing in virtual care, has raised $16.75M to expand its services.

The New York-based company is committed to supporting the care of hundreds of college-age women (and AFAB, assigned female at birth). 

Generation Z represents at least a quarter of the world’s population and is the most diversified in terms of medical demand. 

Through chat interactions with a healthcare professional, women can get a virtual appointment or receive in-person assistance. It is also possible to request a test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) prevention. 

The announced funds will be used to scale these services, thus reaching a wider area. 

The company offers virtual support in California, New York, North Carolina, and Ohio and will soon be active in Illinois, Massachusetts, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 

Caraway aims at women’s well-being. 

“What Lori and the entire Caraway team have accomplished in such a short period of time is compelling,” said Alyssa Jaffee, partner at 7wireVentures. “Now more than ever, a renewed focus on promoting and supporting the fundamental healthcare rights of women is critical. Caraway is already making a real difference in the health of young women, those AFAB, and by providing personalized care for all. With this new funding round and the addition of strong like-minded investors, Caraway will meaningfully expand their ability to serve more health consumers across the country.”

Caraway launched its 24/7 support services in November 2022 after securing $10.5 million in seed funding. The platform, designed primarily for women from age 18 to 27 (Gen Z), aims to make its users, of all ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, independent in their health choices. 

The Caraway team, composed of experienced physicians, provides personalized and accurate care adapted to the needs and problems of Gen Z, thanks to its direct approach.