With tech subtly embedded within a standard watch band or bracelet, BHeart delivers health insights effortlessly

Las Vegas, Nevada and Paris, France — Daily healthtech pioneer Baracoda today provided the general public with its first glimpse of BHeart, the world’s first health tracker with an “endless” battery. Integrated discreetly within bracelets and watch bands compatible with any classic timepiece, BHeart uses its patent pending BMotion energy harvesting technology to recharge itself entirely by motion, body heat and environmental light.

BHeart gathers sufficient energy to power a range of sensors that deliver health data to a smartphone app for iOS or Android devices. BHeart uses this captured energy to encourage a more active lifestyle by its wearer. Thanks to its advanced technology, BHeart was awarded a CES Innovation Award in the sustainability category.

BHeart is an example of the next generation of daily healthtech products, which Baracoda believes will increasingly center design on blending into existing objects, fashion and routines, making health technology more hassle-free and invisible. By contrast, today’s health trackers often require considerable user intervention, including frequent charging, manual updates and complicated data interpretation. The complexity can form barriers to adoption by those who don’t want another gadget to manage and seek more passive ways to keep tabs on their health or to share data with healthcare providers and caregivers.