di , 27/02/2024

AIRS Medical Inc., a prominent player in AI-driven healthcare solutions, has entered into a strategic partnership with ParagonCare Limited, a leading provider of healthcare technology and services across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. The partnership, announced on February 19, 2024, aims to propel the sales and distribution of AIRS Medical’s flagship product, SwiftMR™, in the Australian market by capitalizing on ParagonCare’s extensive distribution network and sales processes.

SwiftMR™, an FDA-510(k)-cleared technology, employs advanced deep learning techniques to enhance MRI image quality, reducing scan times by up to 50%. It is compatible with various body parts, pulse sequences, and MRI scanners of 3.0T or lower from all manufacturers*.

The strategic alliance positions AIRS Medical to expedite SwiftMR™’s market entry throughout Australia and New Zealand. Leveraging local sales teams and a dedicated customer support infrastructure, the partnership aims to provide locally adapted, high-quality services. SwiftMR™, already operational in over 15 countries and having processed over 1.1 million exams in more than 300 institutions, has gained acclaim for its ability to improve MRI productivity without disrupting conventional workflows.

In response to the partnership, ParagonCare plans to intensify its focus on the AI sector in 2024, presenting a substantial challenge to the healthcare AI market. The collaboration is a significant step forward in healthcare technology, emphasizing both companies’ commitment to enhancing patient experiences and streamlining workflows.

Hyeseong Lee, CEO of AIRS Medical, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We anticipate that this agreement, capitalizing on ParagonCare’s expertise and capabilities, will enhance various aspects of our joint operations in the Australian market for SwiftMR™.”

Tiffany Chiew, General Manager Service, Technology and Innovation at ParagonCare, remarked: “We are committed to facilitating AIRS Medical’s expansion into Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and beyond. This venture with AIRS Medical merges innovation with our dedication to healthcare excellence.

*Supported body parts, pulse sequences, and field strength may vary by county.