The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and Frontiers Health, along with Healthware Group, are again collaborating on global education content aimed at European, American, and other healthcare professionals worldwide. The organizations are driven by technology-based innovation and are focused on the humanity of patients, making their strategic knowledge partnership a symbiotic collaboration that amplifies the ability of each to positively impact and transform the international healthcare ecosystem.

For the AHIMA21 Virtual Conference: Transforming the Future of Health Data, happening September 20–22, Frontiers Health has curated two sessions in collaboration with Healthware Group, both focused on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.

The first is Combining the Power of AI with Human Expertise: How to Build a Patient-Centric Healthcare Ecosystem in a Post-Covid World, structured around how the world’s first patient intelligence company combines AI-powered doctor discovery, telemedicine, and cashless services on a unified platform to help patients optimize healthcare outcomes and costs. It also delves into how merging human expertise with AI enables the delivery of powerful solutions to insurance companies, employers, and governments that accelerate the virtualization of care and make a real difference in the healthcare journey.

The second session is Frontiers Health: Implementing AI in the Clinical Practice and will feature a panel discussion designed to help the audience better understand the chasm between AI research and its practical deployment in clinical settings. The panelists will also highlight challenge areas and outline how to construct the optimal conditions for AI systems to deliver the best clinical impact.

In turn, AHIMA is curating a session highlighting AHIMA dHealth™ for Frontiers Health 2021, taking place in Milan and online November 11–12. AHIMA dHealth™ allows providers to easily determine if digital health products meet industry data protection standards. While data consent, privacy, interoperability, and patient access to their health information have always mattered, U.S. regulatory changes requiring standardized API (application programming interface) adoption that gives patients the power to direct providers to share their health records with third-party products – including consumer health apps not protected by HIPAA – make security all the more relevant.

To become AHIMA dHealth™ Approved, digital health companies must complete a self-reported assessment based on AHIMA privacy and data security standards and best practices. Those that show they secure and protect patient data are added to a digital health product directory accessible by providers and other healthcare stakeholders.