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TORONTO & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CancerVivan Therapeutics (“Vivan”), a London-based biotechnology company, and Gotodoctor.ca, a leading Canadian healthcare solution company, have entered into an agreement to provide personalized cancer therapeutics in Canada. Vivan utilises an advanced treatment selection technology pioneered at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York.

Vivan’s technology known as the Personal Discovery Process (PDP), leverages Big Data and genomics to build personalised fruit fly ‘avatars’ that model individual patients’ tumours at an unprecedented level of complexity. Using robotics, thousands of FDA approved drugs, including non-cancer drugs, are screened in combinations to identify drug cocktails designed to target the tumour specifically. The Personal Discovery Process enables treatments to be tailored to the unique genetic complexity of a patient’s unique tumour network. Nearly all combinations incorporate non-cancer drugs, making them less toxic, more affordable and readily available. Vivan also tests investigational drugs and can offer guidance on potential clinical trials that may be of interest.

Using their proprietary drug screening data, Vivan has built a powerful AI-driven digital health tool, TuMatch™, which can rapidly predict treatment options based on a patient’s unique tumour mutational profile. Vivan now offers TuMatch™, for rapid personalized treatment recommendations for colorectal cancer. TuMatch™ provides truly data driven treatment recommendations. Vivan offers the Personal Discovery Process and TuMatch through leading oncologists worldwide.

The partnership will enable Vivan to connect with Gotodoctor.ca’s broad physician, pharmacy and patient network. Gotodoctor.ca’s patent pending Service Engine technology will also provide full customization of its algorithms and analytics to support physicians and patients Vivan will provide world class personalized cancer concierge services to Gotodoctor.ca’s community. In addition, Gotodoctor.ca will assist to bring awareness and education of this life-saving advanced cancer therapeutics to clinicians, institutions and insurance service providers in Canada.

Vivan CEO Laura Towart comments, “This is an exciting time in our development as we introduce TuMatch™ and the potential for rapid personalised therapeutic options for colorectal or bowel cancer. As colorectal cancer is often diagnosed at stage 3 or 4 it is critical to identify the mutations driving tumour growth and target them immediately with the most effective treatment. This is our first ever partnership with a primary care provider network and our first technology collaboration in Canada. We look forward to working with Gotodoctor.ca to provide education and access to patients and stakeholders.”

“Cancer touches over 40% of men and women and causes almost 30% of all deaths in Canadians. Gotodoctor.ca recognizes its impact on patients, their families, loved ones and the society,” says Tommy Cheung, CEO of Gotodoctor.ca. “Our company will continue to bring these real-life, practical advanced medical and therapeutic solutions, like Vivan, to the market and integrate them to be part of the healthcare solution offerings for our patients.”

About Gotodoctor.ca

Gotodoctor.ca is a leading healthcare solutions company that operates in health facilities, senior living centers, and pharmacies across Canada. Its virtual clinics in pharmacies enhance the patient experience by creating an integrated and scalable care model, to improve accessibility and patient outcomes. Gotodoctor.ca is supported by the renowned primary care clinic, Enhanced Care Clinic, which has also been the exclusive Preferred Provider of Physician and Medical Clinic Services for McKesson Retail Banner Group (over 2000 IDA, Guardian, Remedy’sRx and other independent pharmacies) since 2017. Gotodoctor.ca is a preferred provider for McKesson Retail Banner Group, Rexall and Manitoba Blue Cross members.

For more information, visit www.gotodoctor.ca or email info@gotodoctor.ca.

About Vivan Therapeutics

Vivan Therapeutics provides personalised cancer treatment recommendations for most cancers. Their platform technology, the Personal Discovery Process, was developed at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai Medical Center. It involves whole exome sequencing of a patient’s tumor biopsy and blood, identification of potential tumorigenic mutations, incorporation of up to 20 mutations into fruit flies to serve as patient avatars, and massive screening campaigns of all FDA/EMA-approved drugs to identify specific drug combinations for individual patients. Vivan now offers an innovative software tool, TuMatch, for rapid personalized treatment recommendations for colorectal cancer. TuMatch utilises AI/ML applied to Vivan’s growing data sets. For more information on TuMatch, please see: www.vivantx.com/tumatch. Vivan’s proprietary in vivo high throughput drug screening platform also powers biopharma discovery and development internally and with biopharma clients and collaborators.

For general information, visit www.vivantx.com or email info@vivantx.com.


Laura Towart
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Vivan Therapeutics
Email: laura@vivantx.com

Sony Nguyen
Senior Manager, Finance and Partnerships
Email: sony@gotodoctor.ca