In a groundbreaking move towards revolutionizing personalized medicine, Teva UK Limited and Closed Loop Medicine Ltd. have announced a strategic partnership.
This collaboration aims to propel the development of tailored medical treatments by leveraging Closed Loop Medicine’s cutting-edge software as a medical device (SaMD) technology platform, alongside Teva UK’s pharmaceutical expertise.

Closed Loop Medicine specializes in leveraging digital care to enhance drug efficacy and outcomes for patients with specific chronic disorders. Dr. Paul Goldsmith, Chief Medical Officer and Innovation Officer, Co-Founder and President of Closed Loop Medicine, highlighted the pressing need for personalized dosing, stating,

As clinicians, we know that dosing of drugs is a huge problem. In the most extreme cases, we are seeing patients having severe adverse events, for example, when required to change dose levels to undergo surgery. Being able to predict personalized dose levels could be transformational.

The partnership will explore integrating Closed Loop Medicine’s proprietary SaMD technology with Teva’s pharmaceutical products, facilitating the prescription of digital companions alongside traditional therapeutics. This integration is poised to enable real-world data integration and enhance the effectiveness of both innovative and established medicines.

Clinical trial results for CLM-HT01, a hypertension product, have demonstrated the technology’s prowess in optimizing drug therapy, minimizing side effects, and achieving blood pressure control, all while ensuring exceptionally high medication adherence.

Personalized medicine stands as a pinnacle aspiration in modern healthcare, aiming to tailor treatments to individual patients rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.

We are excited to be working with Closed Loop Medicine, who have demonstrated themselves to be compelling innovators in the area of personalized medicine. We know that the patient experience can sometimes be less than optimal, and as the largest supplier of medicines to the NHS, the potential to combine ‘drug’ and ‘digital’ could create significant improvements to the lives of patients at great scale. – Kim Innes, Teva’s General Manager for the UK and Ireland

Dr. Hakim Yadi, OBE, CEO and Co-Founder of Closed Loop Medicine, hailed the partnership as a fantastic opportunity to advance the delivery of personalized medicine solutions globally. He emphasized the value of integrating real-world data for personalized dosing, a capability historically unavailable to clinicians.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards addressing medication non-adherence, adverse reactions, and ultimately improving patient outcomes while also potentially reducing healthcare costs. As healthcare continues to evolve, partnerships like Teva UK and Closed Loop Medicine pave the way for innovative solutions to meet the complex needs of patients worldwide.

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