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JERSEY CITY, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healthcare marketers can now access vital insights about patients and healthcare professionals (“HCPs”) within seconds through the world’s first curated Patient Voice GPT.

Health data-tech company Talking Medicines has launched Drug-GPT™ on its enhanced PatientMetRx® 2.0 platform, providing healthcare advertising agencies with access to real-world insights about the lived experience, opinions, and sentiment of patients and HCPs.

Drug-GPT™ only uses Talking Medicines’ curated social data, making it more efficient and effective for subscribed healthcare advertising agencies to secure instant and accurate insights compared to alternative solutions.

Customers are able to analyze uniquely curated voices with a classification accuracy of 95%. All with the comfort of knowing that those insights are fully compliant with health sector regulations and backed by a suite of quality control processes.

Drug-GPT™ provides natural language responses and summaries, providing quick and accurate insights. These insights help agencies inform new business pitches, develop winning strategies, create creative content and monitor the impact of critical market events on customer behavior.

Subscribers can answer their own questions about how patients experience drugs and treatments compared to the perspective of HCPs, drawing on opinions and feelings about lived experiences, including demographics, diagnoses, treatments, and outcomes.

The company licenses the GPT models from Microsoft to ensure that the ecosystem around Drug-GPT™ is closed, exclusively using its own purpose-built curated social data of patients and HCPs.

In addition to Drug-GPT™, PatientMetRx® 2.0 includes several key platform enhancements, designed in response to ongoing feedback from healthcare advertising clients. New features include the curated HCP Voice which complements the Patient Voice; and natural language search, replacing laborious manual insight searches with fast, data-led questioning of curated data. Feedback from current users suggests that the platform is 80% more effective than conventional methods at producing structured and actionable patient and HCP insights.

Jo Halliday, CEO and co-founder of Talking Medicines said: “We are really excited by the potential of Drug-GPT™ to transform the way that healthcare advertising agencies analyze insights on complex patient and HCP social data. With structured and actionable insights delivered within seconds, it provides our customers with the edge to win business, create amazing content, and deliver successful campaigns. With Drug-GPT™ and PatientMetRx® 2.0, we truly believe we can unlock the power of AI to transform healthcare marketing.”


For more information on PatientMetRx® visit www.patientmetrx.com

For more information on Talking Medicines visit www.talkingmedicines.com

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About Talking Medicines

Talking Medicines is the world’s first patient intelligence company which meets the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and is fully compliant with data standards. Its PatientMetRx® data platform uses AI to solve the need for pharmaceutical marketing teams to understand real world patient experience at a medicine level. Led by CEO and entrepreneur Jo Halliday, alongside Dr Elizabeth Fairley and Dr Scott Crae, Talking Medicines was founded upon the principle of being a ‘data for good’ business with the social mission of delivering better health outcomes for patients. Accolades include Rising Stars 2.0, Tech Nation’s Applied AI 2.0 Growth Programme and inclusion in the UK Government’s Digital Health Playbook – The ‘First 100’ Companies.

For more information, visit www.talkingmedicines.com


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