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CAESAREA, Israel & NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#digitalhealthIgentify, a digital health company that has developed a medical-grade platform that securely streamlines genomic workflows, today released version 7 of their software.

Igentify’s platform helps laboratories and genetics clinics process genetic information and provide genetic counseling insights for thousands of patients, reducing time to results and improving the patient experience. With over 6 million clinical genetic tests performed last year in the US – but fewer than 5,700 genetic counselors (GCs) available to review results and guide patients – the need for tools that help GCs like Igentify’s platform has never been greater.

Igentify’s platform improves the genetic testing and genetic counseling process for the following clinical indications:

  • NEW: Pharmacogenomics (PGX): Providing insight into how a person’s genes affect how they respond to therapeutic medications
  • Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS): Screening for potential parents that can detect whether the parents unknowingly carry genetic conditions that may be passed to their children
  • Chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA): Used for the detection of clinically-significant microdeletions or duplications in genetic material

In addition to the new clinical use of the software, the following updates, features, and enhancements were also released:

  • Integrations with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • New capabilities that make creating, reviewing, and editing genetic counselor consult notes faster and easier
  • New visualizations for copy number variations (CNV) that add confidence to CNV decisions
  • Interactive control dashboards
  • More user-friendly reports and designs that, among other things, allow viewing and editing lab reports before they are signed

These features and enhancements enable streamlined lab workflows, reduce manual steps, increase lab throughput, and absorb tasks, giving GCs more time to focus on patients.

“We heard clearly our customers’ requests to evolve our software to serve additional clinical indications, and I’m so pleased that with this version, we now can,” said Doron Behar, MD, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Igentify. “We know that our platform has great benefits for laboratories and GCs, and we’re excited at the additional capacity our software gives the hardworking GC workforce. We believe that patients deserve a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand explanation of their genetic testing path and results. We’re happy to be working with cutting-edge labs and clinics who also believe that a great patient experience is paramount. With the use of our dynamic, personalized, and individualized pre- and post-genetic testing videos that clearly explain genetic tests and results, many more patients will have the knowledge they need to make better healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.”


Pharmacogenomics gives insight into how a person’s genes affect how they respond to therapeutic medications. By understanding an individual’s genetic foundation, physicians will be able to better predict how patients might respond to a drug before it is prescribed. Adverse drug reactions – which can be fatal – cost the United States over $30B and have been estimated to be the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Using pharmacogenomics, physicians and patients could avoid harmful and unwanted adverse drug reactions, side effects, and ineffective medications. To date, pharmacogenomics usage has been limited. Igentify’s software helps make the promise of pharmacogenomics a reality by providing a platform that makes the entire process easier and faster. Igentify’s platform digitally collects patient registration, consent, and medical history, connects this information with clinical and genetic databases, completes genetic analysis, and returns detailed and actionable reports quickly and cost-effectively.

Igentify’s platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant, the company has several ISO certifications, and just received CE marking for expanded carrier screening and oncogenetics. Igentify’s next version, slated for early 2023, will increase the company’s clinical portfolio even further, with the release of noninvasive prenatal screening capability.

About Igentify

Igentify has developed an end-to-end digital genetic platform that makes genomic information more accessible and actionable for clinicians, laboratories, and patients. Recognizing the rising demand for genomic medicine and how its potential to improve health is trapped within complex, fragmented systems, Igentify’s digital genetic engine unites and streamlines steps. From customized education about genetic testing, collecting consent and analyzing data, to personalized result videos, Igentify’s platform makes the genetic journey faster and easier. For more information, visit www.igentify.com.


Amanda Swiatocha
Vice President, Marketing