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Company Launches a Solution Platform Designed to Improve the Care Journey

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Quality Reviews®, the leading real-time digital health engagement company, today announced the launch of an entirely new platform of digital solutions designed to increase patient and member engagement throughout the care journey.

Informed by 10 years of real-time patient experience feedback, Quality Reviews has evolved its product suite to include solutions that mirror the care journey from discovery of care and pre-visit notifications, to powering real-time care instructions and facilitating chronic care management at home. Continuing to drive value with patient experience leaders, Quality Reviews can now help leading organizations with financial, clinical, and digital health operations to drive revenue cycle, value-based care, and workforce goals for healthcare organizations.

Known as the Q Reviews® platform, this suite of digital solutions gives providers and payers the ability to deliver a superior experience with safer, empathetic, and actionable messaging. The new platform provides intelligent, automated communication engagement driven by the interactions and choices made by patients or members. Q Reviews consists of:

Q Reach: Expand digital front door efforts, patient activation, and member enrollment

Q Notify: Automate outreach, education, navigation, and instructions ahead of visits and procedures to reduce no-shows and cancellations

Q Rounding: Listen in real-time to facilitate service recovery during inpatient care

Q Connect: Reduce readmissions and ED utilization with care pathway adherence; measure real-time patient feedback for service recovery

Q @Home: Succeed in Value Based Care agreements, by effectively managing patients at home with deviceless remote patient monitoring

Q Employee: Regularly engage with staff, reduce employee turnover and burnout, as well as focus on wellness

Ten years into our company’s journey, we realize that real-time digital healthcare engagement is and will be the key driver in establishing better healthcare access and outcomes. After a decade of studying human health experiences, we have evolved into a platform that offers compelling digital engagement across the care continuum,” said Edward Shin, MD, CEO and Co-founder of Quality Reviews. “With the ubiquity of smartphones, digital health can finally be a reality, not just a buzzword. The pandemic has taught us that digital health engagement is not only possible but necessary to ensure access to healthcare when and where patients and members need it. Leveraging these devices will be critical to delivering common sense, user-friendly healthcare,” he added.

With an emphasis on a simple and intuitive user experience, the Q Reviews platform fosters two-way communication between providers / payers and patients / members leveraging HIPAA-secure, customizable messaging that ranges from pre-procedure instructions and education to helpful at-home care notifications. Expanding beyond basic text messaging, the Q Reviews platform can provide interactive engagement experiences, such as reminders, notifications, surveys, embedded videos, PDFs, and hyperlinks to useful content. Additionally, patients can enter clinical data such as weight, blood pressure, and heart rate, offering more control over their healthcare. “A good consumer experience starts with good, intelligent engagement,” said Jill Yarberry, VP Patient Engagement. “We have developed a digital engagement platform that ensures healthcare consumers know the who, what, where, and when of their care during all points in their journey,” she added.

Configurable workflows underpin the Q Reviews platform with the ability for healthcare payers and providers to tailor engagement based on myriad healthcare use-cases. “While our platform provides clear clinical benefits to patients and providers, we’re particularly excited about Q Reviews’ ability to address social determinants of health and improve health equity” said Ajay Singh, VP Strategy. “Our new platform now allows a wider range of healthcare organizations to increase access and better connect with their users. Health systems, physician practices, ACOs, FQHCs, and Medicare Advantage plans can all now effectively engage with their patients and members via Q Reviews,” he added.

For more information, visit www.q-reviews.com.

About Quality Reviews®

Founded in 2012 by a team of experienced physicians and entrepreneurs, Quality Reviews is a digital health company that delivers the Q Reviews® platform which improves patient and member engagement throughout the care journey. Deployed in over 1000 care locations ranging from top-ranked health systems to community-based clinics throughout the U.S., Q Reviews improves the healthcare experience for all stakeholders through simple, intuitive, and intelligent digital engagement tools. For more information, visit www.q-reviews.com.



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