di , 22/06/2022

STOCKHOLM & HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Qbtech announces a partnership in The Netherlands with one of the leading ADHD care providers, ADHDcentraal. The purpose of the collaboration is to create new methods and tools that allow patients to access high-quality care readily, something that is not possible today.

As an innovator in ADHD, Qbtech has enjoyed working with forward-thinking organizations also looking to make quality ADHD care accessible. ADHDcentraal has established itself as a leader not only in ADHD care but also in Digital Health, providing patients access to telehealth services, including Qbtech’s technology, QbCheck, which allows clinicians to collect objective data on ADHD symptoms from patients at home.

“We’ve worked with Qbtech for 10 years now. Bringing their technology into practice has been invaluable in supporting our clinical decision-making and helping patients better understand their symptoms, whether ADHD is ruled in or ruled out as a potential diagnosis,” says Jan-Eidse van Melle, CEO of ADHDcentraal. “Their adaptability in bringing their technology to patients’ homes during the pandemic supported us in continuing to provide care despite the restrictions. Looking ahead, we see this as a natural partnership and a commitment to ongoing innovation to provide the best standard of care for our patients.”

As patients and clinicians seek more flexibility, this partnership confirms the organizations’ shared commitment to drive ADHD care forwards. The partnership will initially focus on treatment optimization to improve the quality of life for patients with ADHD and enable healthcare professionals to support them.

“This partnership symbolizes the synergy between our two organizations. We’re both passionate about better standards in ADHD care and increasing access via Digital Health solutions. We see this partnership as a natural progression of our existing relationship, aligning our combined energies to focus on a common cause,” shares Carl Reuterskiöld, CEO of Qbtech. “This partnership will involve a collaborative approach to rethink how best ADHD care can be delivered through digital solutions while maximizing the value of one-to-one clinician appointments, both face-to-face and virtual. We are excited to work toward better outcomes to meet contemporary clinical and patient needs.”

About Qbtech

Founded in 2002, Qbtech is a privately-owned Swedish company that has developed leading solutions and products for improving the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients living with ADHD. Qbtech has operations in 13 countries and has offices in Stockholm, Houston, and London. Qbtech is an award-winning company recognized for their innovation, most recently winning the 2022 HSJ Partnership Award for the ‘Best Mental Health Partnership with the NHS’. www.qbtech.com

About ADHDcentraal

ADHDcentraal is a leading healthcare provider in ADHD care in the Netherlands, specialised in Adult ADHD care. Building on over 15 years of experience, ADHDcentraal sees over 9,000 new patients each year across multiple locations. Their team consists solely of specialists in the field of ADHD, offering a unique program of assessment and treatment. ADHDcentraal ranks amongst the highest in client satisfaction scores (9.3/10) and effectiveness (over 50% improvement in quality of life measured by the AAQoL) among Dutch healthcare providers, while achieving an insurer’s cost per treatment significantly (34%) below the Dutch average. ADHDcentraal conducts research within its R&D department, and in cooperation with other clinics and universities, aimed at improving care for ADHD patients worldwide.


For Qbtech:
Hilari Barton

For ADHDCentraal:
Jorg Heijmink Liesert