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Parsley’s new program addresses the full continuum of care for working women with complex & chronic health concerns and provides exceptional health outcomes

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Parsley Health, a provider of advanced primary care and specialized medical programs for women and families with complex health needs, today announced the launch of a women’s full continuum of care program for employers. It is now available to self-insured employers and plan sponsors nationwide. The program is a cutting-edge benefit that consolidates the full spectrum of services women need into one package – specifically targeting the high risk and rising risk populations whose care accounts for 80% of healthcare spend.

Patients in the program receive coordinated medical care and health coaching designed to support their whole health needs from a single virtual homebase. The program comprehensively addresses common chronic conditions and comorbidities, including autoimmune, GI, cardiometabolic, behavioral health, and hormonal conditions – and supports women end-to-end, from the moment they start thinking about their reproductive health to menopause. All of this is achieved through a unique model that combines high-touch, tech-enabled, virtual care with Root Cause Resolution medicine and conventional approaches. As a result, Parsley’s care has been shown to drive a 2x ROI and a 32% reduction in medical spend.

Women’s healthcare expenses are among the highest for employers and families: menopause care alone costs employers $27 billion annually; maternal morbidity results in $6.6 billion in productivity losses each year; and approximately $80 billion is spent annually on autoimmune condition management for women, who account for 80% of all autoimmune disorders. Further, 20% of women of reproductive age have multiple chronic conditions, contributing significantly to the nearly $3.15 trillion spent annually on care for chronic conditions.

“The quintessential workforce age woman needs comprehensive care that spans each phase of her life and supports her beyond her reproductive health goals. She needs providers who are by her side throughout the complexities of her journey – whether she has a cancer diagnosis at 25 or her first baby at 40,” said Dr. Robin Berzin, M.D., Founder and CEO of Parsley Health. “Women make up 60% of the workforce, and their inability to access comprehensive health services designed for their needs drives up employers’ healthcare costs and can prevent top talent from reaching their professional potentials.”

“In traditional care, a woman seeking fertility care alongside chronic pain management for an autoimmune condition would have to bounce between three to five specialists, leading to increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, and an elevated possibility for missed diagnosis due to the gap in communication between providers. Parsley’s comprehensive approach to care solves this by including longer visits, telehealth-first appointments, advanced risk assessment tools like the Parsley Symptoms Index, and team-based care – all from providers with additional training in root cause analysis. We have rapidly adopted value-based care arrangements so Parsley can work in partnership with purchasers, insurers and provider groups: a win-win for all,” Dr. Berzin continued.

A recent Frontiers in Digital Health publication shows that Parsley’s method of providing large-scale holistic telehealth programs for the management of chronic diseases is proven to work.

“Providing comprehensive healthcare anchored around Root Cause Resolution medicine that holistically supports women and high risk populations saves costs, improves health outcomes and is a key benefit to attract and keep top talent,” said Carladenise Edwards, former Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer at Henry Ford Health and member of Parsley Health’s Medical Advisory Board. “A recent survey shows that 71% of employees are concerned about their health benefits due to rising costs, and the majority of employees consider the quality of health benefits to be a key factor in staying at their job. Parsley’s proven outcomes – combined with their impressive customer service experience score (NPS) of 85% – makes Parsley’s program the kind of benefit employees, particularly women, are looking for.”

This latest program joins a concert of other protocols Parsley recently announced for employers and benefit managers including menopause and autoimmune care.

About Parsley Health

Parsley Health provides both advanced primary care and specialized medical programs for the high and rising risk populations. Parsley’s programs, which use Root Cause Resolution medicine, are proven to drive powerful outcomes and lower costs for women and families with complex health needs. More than 85% of Parsley patients improve or resolve symptoms within their first year of care, while also significantly reducing prescription drug use and specialist referrals for gastrointestinal, autoimmune, hormone, fertility, cardiometabolic, and behavioral health conditions. At Parsley patients see the whole picture of their health, identify and address the root drivers of illness, and experience accessible, supportive care from providers who listen. Parsley combines advanced diagnostic testing, personalized medications and nutritional guidance to provide best-in-class modern holistic care – all online, nationwide. Learn more at https://www.parsleyhealth.com/employer/.