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Real-world data sets show components of value-based care, use of Octave’s Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity test and deep scan biomarker screening capabilities to evaluate evidence of disability, disease activity, and disease progression

Study presented in partnership with the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders highlights the promise of the Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity test for patients in routine clinical use

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Octave, a leading digital health sciences company that delivers a new standard for managing multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases, today announced the presentation of nine abstracts at the Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS) Conference 2023. The abstracts, presented in partnership with several of Octave’s premier research partners, included data on the company’s MRI Insights program as well as applications of the company’s clinically-validated Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) test, including real-world data as well as new deep scan proteomic approaches. Research collectively underscored the strength and utility of the company’s Precision Care Solution for MS, which commercially launched in October 2022 and delivers quantitative, objective insights to better characterize individual patients’ underlying biology, response to therapeutic interventions, radiographic status, and evolving symptoms.

“We are thrilled to follow a very successful ECTRIMS meeting with an expanded body of research at this year’s ACTRIMS conference,” said William Hagstrom, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Octave. “We’re adding to findings that have repeatedly shown the validity, quality, and adaptability of our solution, and now, we’re beginning to show real world applications as our clinical and research partners integrate these capabilities into their practices. The proof points we are building together have the potential to create a new standard of care for patients, and we’re grateful to our collaborators as they help us advance our mission to deliver holistic, comprehensive, biological, and contextual metrics that bring scientific clarity to MS.”


First, Octave presented insights on the company’s first of its kind, MS-specific multivariate biomarker assay panel and leveraging deep scan proteomics in multiple posters at ACTRIMS Forum 2023. Highlights include a poster titled Proteomic Biomarker Panel for Gauging Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity: A Case Series from Real-World Use (P035), Gonyou, T., et al., presented in partnership with the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND), describing real-world clinical experience using Octave’s MSDA test. The presentation reported on how the results from five diverse patient case studies reconciled with clinical presentation, radiographic evidence, and patient history, and how these additional insights into the underlying biology of MS support clinical decisions.

“We are excited to share results demonstrating that disease activity scores from the MSDA test appear to correlate with relapses and efficacy of therapy in a real-world setting,” said Taylor Gonyou, DO, Multiple Sclerosis Fellow at MIND and first author on the poster. “This test can be used to verify stability and may support the clinical decision to alter therapy. The ability to follow patients longitudinally will provide additional insights into patients’ disease activity, and allow treating neurologists to be confident in clinical decisions.”

Additional posters related to Octave’s multivariate biomarker assay panel include:


Second, data shared at ACTRIMS Forum 2023 by Octave around its MRI Insights program that combines the best of a purpose-built imaging technology stack with focused Neuroradiology expertise to deliver a quantitative, deeply personalized MS-specific report to track a patient’s disease over time, includes:


Also at ACTRIMS 2023, Octave shared a real-world clinical insights study presented by their Chief Population Health Officer Mike Edgeworth, titled Urinary Tract Infection in People with Multiple Sclerosis: A Real-World Administrative Claims Study (P488), Jordan, K. M., et al. Edgeworth’s presentation highlighted how people with MS are at an increased risk of urinary tract infections (UTI) and UTI-related hospitalizations. While UTIs can usually be managed in the outpatient setting when detected early, untreated UTIs can progress to more severe conditions and exacerbate neurological symptoms in MS, mimicking clinical relapses. The analysis sought to characterize care settings for UTI-related infections, and showed that patients with MS were more likely to have medical claims associated with UTI-related infections and in higher-intensity care settings. This concludes that early intervention strategies addressing UTI prior to the patient seeking emergency care could potentially both improve the care and lower the cost profile of MS patients.

“At Octave, we’re looking from multiple perspectives to better and more effectively care for people living with MS,” said Edgeworth. “This includes the many related conditions these patients face, from UTIs to mental health management. We have an intense focus on population-level insights to identify gaps, variations, and opportunities in the care of these patients to improve clinical outcomes and lower the significant cost of this disease on the entire health care system, from patient to payer.”

The posters presented by Octave at ACTRIMS Forum 2023 underscore the company’s dedication to the pursuit of expanded clinical insights to address a range of unmet needs associated with MS as it builds the model for the future of management for neurodegenerative diseases.

About Octave

Octave was founded to deliver a fully-integrated precision care solution for multiple sclerosis as well as a full range of neurodegenerative diseases. The solution provides neurologists and their patients with quantitative, objective metrics to facilitate informed care and shared decision making to drive better patient outcomes.

Octave’s Precision Care Solution is the first-of-its-kind that accurately and objectively measures, and helps manage, complex and high-cost neurodegenerative diseases, starting with multiple sclerosis. Octave developed the first and only multivariate blood test to measure MS disease activity, enhanced MRI analytics and protocols, and a digital clinical program with Octave MS care partners to provide continuity of care.

Provider: The solution provides neurologists with a longitudinal and holistic perspective of the patient along with comprehensive and actionable insights, enabling more confident and informed care decisions.

Payer: The integrated and multi-dimensional approach allows payers to reduce total cost of care by optimizing healthcare medications and utilization (hospitalizations, ER visits, MRIs, labs).

Pharma: Octave enables pharma to optimize the entire lifecycle of drug discovery & development as well as clinical trials and post marketing with real world evidence.

Through purposeful problem solving and innovative technologies, Octave’s platform generates, analyzes and combines data to create a new paradigm of MS care, leading to improved patient outcomes.


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