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Healthcare company provides comprehensive care for all bodies and eliminates weight bias

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–knownwell, the new weight-inclusive healthcare company, today announced it has launched and closed on a $4.5M seed funding round led by Flare Capital Partners. Additional investors include the Flybridge LTV Operator Fund, Oxeon, Larry Summers, Brynn Putnam (of Mirror), Lydia Gilbert (of Dia & Co), and Varsha Rao (of Nurx). knownwell is on a mission to disrupt the healthcare industry by providing comprehensive, empathetic health care – at any size.

knownwell aims to support patients by providing an integrative care plan to help reach their health and wellness goals by offering in-person and virtual comprehensive primary care and metabolic health services. Currently, the healthcare system in the U.S. has an explicit problem with weight bias. knownwell recognizes and solves this problem by providing full-coverage and tailor-made care to patients without prejudice.

According to the latest research, 55% of patients affected by obesity or are overweight have canceled an appointment due to anxiety about being weighed, 69% have experienced weight-related stigma from their doctor and 52% of women report their weight being a barrier to receiving appropriate healthcare. Patients should not leave the doctor’s office feeling diminished, dismissed, and stigmatized. knownwell helps patients reach their unique goals by utilizing evidence-based medicine with compassion.

“As a patient affected by obesity, I always thought I was the only one who dreaded an unhelpful lecture by my doctor who didn’t take my concerns seriously – but after research, I found most Americans experience the same stigma and I knew I found my life’s purpose,” said Brooke Boyarsky Pratt, CEO and Co-Founder of knownwell. “I’m proud to bring together highly trained physicians, providers, and staff who are excited to partner with patients on their wellness journey – whether that includes changing their body size or not.”

“The driving force throughout my twenty-year medical career has been building weight-inclusive environments for patients,” said Dr. Angela Fitch, MD, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of knownwell, and President of the Obesity Medicine Association. “We desperately need scaled care that dispenses with weight-based stigma because it recognizes obesity for what it is: a chronic and usually life-long disease. I am thrilled to create nationwide access to the care that is needed most.”

knownwell will use the strategic capital to establish itself as a comprehensive digital and in-person healthcare clinic that offers metabolic health services, comprehensive primary care, obesity treatment, nutrition counseling, and behavior health services. As demand for inclusive, compassionate healthcare rises, knownwell will also make the process seamless and accessible.

“We are thrilled to partner with knownwell, which we believe will fundamentally change how historically underserved patients with metabolic health needs receive healthcare across the country,” said Ian Chiang, Partner at Flare Capital Partners. “Over 40% of US adults with obesity, it’s no secret that patients are eager to access personalized metabolic health services, and many of these patients ask for a comprehensive medical home that can also provide primary care, behavioral health, dietary, and other services. knownwell will be the first in this space to create accessible, comprehensive care for patients across the US, both virtually and in person.”

knownwell makes weight-inclusive healthcare more accessible by accepting patient insurance to provide full suite care without membership fees. knownwell will provide in-person and virtual access to weight-inclusive medical services for patients across the U.S, beginning in Massachusetts, who have faced inadequate treatment, worsening health, and higher costs.

About knownwell

knownwell is built for the millions of Americans who have been told that their weight is the problem, regardless of their unique health concerns. Stigmatizing patients does not promote wellness, and in fact, leads to worse health outcomes. knownwell practices evidence-based medicine that supports a patient’s unique goals. To learn more, visit knownwell.co.

About Flare Capital

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