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Checkers” will be the First in a Series of Multiplayer Games in Development for the GrandPad Purpose-Built Tablet

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GrandPad, the first purpose-built tablet for people over the age of 75, announced today the release of its first multiplayer game, “checkers.

Not only are the multiplayer games fun and entertaining for older adults and their families, but they create family conversation and discussion that builds relationships and brings families together. The addition of multiplayer game capabilities will continue to move forward GrandPad’s mission to improve the lives of older adults by connecting them with their families, friends and caregivers.

The multiplayer games feature turn-based asynchronous gameplay, which is new to the GrandPad platform and will allow users to play and connect with friends and family in their network. Companions have the ability to play from within the GrandPad app (iOS or Google Play) or within a browser via a link that is either emailed or sent as a text message to them, based on their account settings. Users will be able to enjoy playing a game in a single session or multiple sessions throughout the day.

Research has shown that online games can deliver mental well-being and a variety of benefits for older adults, including faster mental processing and improvements in attention, motor skills, decision making and memory,” said Scott Lien, co-founder and CEO of GrandPad. “With Checkers being the first in a series of multiplayer games for GrandPad, we are excited to extend our safe and secure network by allowing our users to connect and interact with their friends and families through this feature.”

GrandPad currently features over 15 games that meet the unique needs of older adults. A consistent interface with audio and visual cues help the GrandPad user avoid mistakes that may impact their overall experience. When games are played on GrandPad, there are no ads to interrupt the user and no risk of phishing scams.

Multiplayer Games Key Features

  • Safe and secure network for users to connect with their friends and families
  • Game user interface layouts are designed specifically for older adults
  • Enhanced color and contrast, vital for those with visual impairments
  • Helpful messaging to make sure users know what is going on within each game turn
  • Fun art and special effects that were designed and developed in collaboration with GrandPad GrandAdvisors
  • Gameplay was developed and tested in collaboration with GrandPad GrandAdvisors

Checkers is now available on GrandPad and included with the purchase of a GrandPad subscription.

For more information, please visit GrandPad at GrandPad.net or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

About GrandPad

Based in Minneapolis, GrandPad is a digital health company that develops engagement solutions to improve the health and well-being of older adults by reconnecting them to families, friends, and caregivers through technology that is safe, reliable, and easy to use. The GrandPad purpose-built tablet for people over the age of 75 — the first mobile device of its kind — addresses usability, security, and connectivity issues that are often roadblocks to integrating remote monitoring and telehealth into professional and familial caregiving settings. The company’s secure cloud platform with built-in LTE and web applications allows care teams and family members to engage remotely with older adults without depending on WiFi connectivity. GrandPad enables a variety of interactions, including video calls, sharing essential care-related emails and messages, and conducting multi-party video care conferences between family members and a patient’s continuum of caregivers. For professional caregivers, GrandPad offers connected device capabilities that support enhanced telehealth and remote monitoring services provided by a growing number of in-home healthcare organizations. To learn more, visit GrandPad.net or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @GrandPad_social.


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