Leading healthcare company MSD, in collaboration with the Digital Health Academy and Allied for startups, has launched the third edition of European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA). This international strategic initiative aims to acknowledge the development and implementation of digital health solutions that enhance care and quality of life for patients and their caregivers.

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The European Patient Digital Health Awards (PDHA) recognize the most patient-focused innovations that prioritize patients’ needs.
Such innovations meet the needs of patients as well as empower healthcare providers to enhance the quality of care they provide.
In the previous edition, remarkable applications were welcomed from all corners of Europe.

European PDHA 2023 engages patients and advocacy organizations to identify their needs and use their experiences to drive progress in digital health.
This inclusive approach fosters innovation, engages with advocacy organizations, and promotes a positive community synergy. By providing policymakers with data and insights, the PDHA sparks conversations about digital health needs and connects patients with innovators.

Applications for the PDHA are open from May 9th to June 30th. Individuals, patient associations, healthcare providers, scientific foundations, universities, service and IT companies, and startups from various countries, including EU member states, EFTA members, the Balkans, and the UK, are encouraged to apply.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a champion of the European Patient Digital Health Awards. Apply now!