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The addition of Daylight for anxiety and Sleepio for insomnia expands access to evidence-based digital cognitive behavioral therapy to thousands of Americans

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Big Health, a digital therapeutics company dedicated to helping millions back to good mental health, today announced that Daylight for anxiety and Sleepio for insomnia have been added to the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary.

By extending access to Daylight and Sleepio to employers and health plans through Evernorth’s Digital Health Formulary, more patients will have access to safe, effective evidence-based solutions for anxiety and insomnia. Daylight and Sleepio can be used alongside medications or as a clinical grade alternative to medications, or when talk therapy is not accessible.

“We are proud that our solutions met Evernorth’s rigorous clinical and user experience vetting process so we can extend access to our proven digital therapeutics to thousands of Americans,” said Big Health Co-Founder and President Peter Hames. “This is a monumental step for Big Health and the entire digital therapeutics industry, as we continue to create and grow innovative collaborations that provide access to guideline-recommended care for everyone in need.”

Digital therapeutics are non-drug, evidence-based digital behavioral health care interventions that do not require human intervention and have a minimal risk of side effects. In controlled studies, Sleepio helped 76% of patients achieve clinical improvements in insomnia and Daylight helped 71% of patients achieve clinical improvements in anxiety. Evernorth patients who use Sleepio and Daylight will also have access to clinical support through neuroscience therapeutic resource center specialized pharmacists for questions related to medications.

“Evernorth’s Digital Health Formulary helps connect employers, insurers, and patients with innovative, affordable, evidence-based care that meet their broader health care needs,” said Glen Stettin, M.D., chief innovation officer, Evernorth. “The addition of Big Health’s Daylight solution for anxiety and Sleepio for insomnia helps address important categories of care so that more patients can receive personalized, safe, and convenient behavioral health support.”

Evernorth clients, such as Fortune 500 company Aramark, can now offer access to Daylight and Sleepio as part of their benefit plans.

“The ability to access these Big Health solutions through the Evernorth Digital Health Formulary enables us to seamlessly offer mental health interventions that align with leading clinical guidelines and best meet the needs of our Aramark employees,” said Vice President of Benefits for Aramark James Startare. “Our commitment to championing positive mental health has never been stronger, and we are incredibly pleased to provide Daylight and Sleepio as safe, evidence-based digital solutions that can be accessed and utilized when most convenient for our employees.”

Organizations that are interested in learning more about Daylight and Sleepio should visit www.bighealth.com.

About Big Health

Big Health’s mission is to help millions back to good mental health by providing safe and effective non-drug alternatives for the most common mental health conditions including insomnia and anxiety. Designed by leading clinical experts, Big Health’s digital therapeutics expand access to gold standard care, including behavioral medicine, and are backed by industry-leading research and randomized controlled trials. By seamlessly integrating across the care pathway, from member engagement to billing via pharmacy benefit managers, Big Health simplifies adoption for both payers and patients, providing an inclusive, scalable, and affordable approach without serious side effects. For more information, please visit www.bighealth.com or follow Big Health on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In accordance with FDA’s Current Enforcement Discretion Policy for Digital Health Devices for Psychiatric Disorders, for patients aged 18 years and older, who are followed by and diagnosed with Insomnia Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder by a medical provider, Sleepio and Daylight can be made available as an adjunct to their usual medical care for Insomnia Disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, respectively. Sleepio and Daylight do not replace the care of a medical provider or the patient’s medication. Sleepio and Daylight have not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for these indications.


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