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DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#digitalhealth–Recuro Health, a leader in innovative healthcare solutions, proudly announces its participation at AHIP’s 2023 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum at Booth #504, where the company will showcase its data-driven platform, aimed at improving coordinated care for members while closing gaps in care for health plans’ risk adjustment and quality measurement programs.

Recuro’s solution aims to improve member utilization, improves risk scores, and measures performance in response to health plans’ challenges regarding low engagement, lack of quality measurement, high numbers of undiagnosed conditions and underwhelming member satisfaction. Recuro presents a comprehensive care delivery solution that aims to improve member engagement rates, HCC coding accuracy, and quality measurement rates through clinically compliant, accurate, and high-quality virtual care services.

“Recuro Health’s healthcare solutions play a pivotal role in identifying previously undetected underlying health conditions among our health plan clients’ member populations. Our sophisticated approach empowers members to proactively embrace preventive healthcare measures and seamlessly manage their well-being,” said Josh Nordtvedt, SVP of Managed Care Strategy at Recuro Health. “This proactive strategy has not only contributed to cost savings for our health plan clients but has also yielded notably enhanced health outcomes for their members enrolled in our Recuro network.”

By seamlessly integrating advanced telehealth technology with comprehensive primary care services, Recuro’s innovative Virtual Primary Care (VPC) approach ensures that patients receive high-quality care and can easily navigate the complex healthcare system. At the AHIP 2023 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum, the company will showcase how its platform personalizes member messages, promotes plan incentives, and customizes pre-screening questionnaires, leading to closing care gaps, increasing follow-up visits, easily prescribing necessary medications, and improving patient adherence to personalized chronic condition management plans.

“Recuro Health’s physicians have been instrumental in assisting health plans to identify high-risk and high-cost members and implement precisely tailored interventions to enhance the management of their healthcare needs,” said Kate Sowerwine, Chief Medical Officer at Recuro Health. “This integrated approach not only fosters better health outcomes but also ensures efficient healthcare delivery and cost optimization for health plans and their valued members.”

Recuro invites event attendees and industry peers to visit Booth #504 at the AHIP 2023 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum to gain insights into the company’s industry-leading initiatives and solutions, tailored to increase member satisfaction and provide easy access to care for their member populations. Recuro Health’s team of experts will be available for live demonstrations, discussions, and networking opportunities throughout the event.

To schedule a meeting with Recuro Health’s representatives at the event or to learn more about AHIP’s 2023 Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum, please visit www.recurohealth.com/ahip-2023/.

About Recuro Health

Recuro is a leading virtual-first care delivery company offering a personalized, holistic, and proactive approach to healthcare. Recuro provides seamless access to various virtual care services, including primary and urgent care, behavioral health, at-home lab testing, and genomics testing. Additionally, Recuro provides a comprehensive suite of supplemental benefits, integrated prescriptions, care management, and care navigation, all available on a unified platform. For more information, visit www.recurohealth.com.


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